October 31, 2016

Melangkah ke Dunia Baru..


Hai, readers!
Wow. Lama gila tak bukak blog *insert emoji ketawa* haha xD

Nak cerita apa eh? Banyak gila benda nak cerita ni.
Banyak dah benda terjadi.

K, pasal tajuk.
Melangkah ke dunia baru? Dunia apa tu?
Haha. Taklah baru sangat, tapi boleh dikatakan baru lah.
Dunia sebagai seorang bakal guru :P
Sebab tulah aku kata bukannya baru sangat pun. Tapi lantak ah. Nak cerita ni.

Banyak benda dah aku belajar dari pengalaman-pengalaman dalam tahun ni.
Tu baru tahun ni tau. Tak tahu lagi tahun-tahun akan datang cane lah pulak kan.

Kalau dulu takleh nak gi depan masa kem,
sekarang tak dah. Haha.
A Zaimah can talk confidently at the front now, okay. xD

Kalau dulu segan nak approach masyarakat,
sekarang bolehlah nak approach even though rasa takut tu masih ada.

I'm not someone you know dahulu, I'm a new one here. Haha.

Also, melangkah ke dunia baru juga means.. I'd opened a new chapter.
No more longing for the past.

Thanks for that someone cause you choose her over me and let me rediscover myself again.
Thanks for choosing to leave me.

Cause by that decision, I'm free now.
I can enjoy my life freely without thinking what I did might hurt you in the end.
I can finally did what I want to, without thinking about others might feel hurt or what.
I finally did not have to burden myself thinking about others feeling.

And also, I decided to stop.
I mean to stop creating another love story cause my these 4 years 'love story' is too tiring.
I'm afraid I might hurt people.
I choose to stop cause there's still many things that I want to discover about myself.
Also, want to prepare myself for my future man.

Let just say,
I let Allah protect him for me.
I mean, the future man.

But, relax.
I'm still young. And now is not the time to think about love.
My priority is my future, my family's happiness and everyone around me.

I guess that's what most important by now.

And yeah. Haha.

Okay, rasanya tu ja kot.

By the way, it's November and soon it'll be DECEMBER!

Okay that's it. Haha.
The end for the entry today.
So, I hope you guys enjoy your day.
and Fi Hifzillah semua. Love you guys!

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